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Accuracy and Fluency


Accuracy and Fluency
Stiinte umaniste - Litere
Editura Institutul European

Accuracy and Fluency - Prezentare : Ii is a pleasure to introduce this new book ofEnglish grammar exercises to the language learning community. The authors have compiled a comprehensive set of practice activities for the intermediate and advanced learner, which the student can use by him/herselffor self-study, or as part of a formal programme of classroom instruction. These types of grammar exercises are an important part of the reinforcement and revisionprocesses in learning a language, and in the development of the learner's linguistic competence. Professor Cornilescu has had considerable experience in the teaching of grammar to university students, and she has drawn upon her impressive skills in this area in the construction of the present work The authors have introduced a variety of tasks, including transformation, translation, gap-fill, and multiple choice exercises, to practise the grammatical forms, and the student will find these activities both demanding and stimulating. Each section is preceded by a clear explanation of the grammatical structure being practised, and many sections include a 'mini-test' to check both progress and understanding. These exercises fiii a gap at the advanced level in particular, where there is a dearth of good grammar consolidation practice.

Accuracy and Fluency will be of especial inter est to those students who are studyingfor examinations as well as to those who feel they need to refine their grammar skills. I am happy to recommend it to all interested students of English grammar who are motivated to improve their accuracy in the language.

Nr. pagini: 203
ISBN 973-9148-93-X
Format 1/16 (70x100)
Anul aparitiei 1996

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