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A Short History of British Civilisation


A Short History of British Civilisation
Limbi si civilizatii straine - engleza
Editura Institutul European

This book has arisen out of my love of Britain and of almost everything British. Of course, I cannot say with Charles Churchill Be England what she will / With all her faults, she is my country still ("Farewell"), as England is not my country of origin, and not even my country of permanent adoption. And I could only go along halfway (not all the way) with Michael Flanders and Donald Swann when they said The English, the English, the English are best! / I wouldn't give tuppence for all of the rest ("Song of Patriotic Prejudice"). The book is a bird's eye view of British cultural history seen against a balanced background of political, social and economic history. It is intended for tuU-atul part-time students of English in higher education institutions, for longdistance students, as well as for the interested general reader with a reading knowledge of English. It is hoped that history masters in secondary schools and even academics, whether Anglicists or professional historians, may derive some measure of benefit.
British history is exceedingly eventful, so right from the start the author was faced with the harrowing problem of selection. A first draft of the book had to be pruned down drastically. One area of human endeavour which regretfully has been almost completely crowded out in this overview is literature (belles lettres\ the reason being that the standard curricula in use in all English departments throughout the world training specialists in English Studies provide for distinct courses on literature. Consequently, the focus has been shifted onto architecture, England's chief contribution to the world's artistic heritage alongside literature. Emphasis has also been placed on etymology, language descrip-tion and development. A novelty is the author's lightweight comparative approach to the morphology of Gothic architecture in the UK and on the Continent. Very familiar proper names like William of Normandy, Francis I of France, Charles V of Spain, Pope Gregory the Great or Joan of Arc have been Anglicised throughout.
The author of this book about British Civilisation has done his best to keep facts and figures down to a minimum, particularly in his skeleton presentation of political, social and economic history, and to make this survey as palatable and digestible as possible. Readers are strongly recommended, however, to read up on each subject with the help of the Select Bibliography provided at the end of each Unit, and particularly to look up in an encyclopedia (preferably the Encyclopaedia Britannica or Wikipedia, the most up-to-date Internet publication) any term or information that may seem unclear to them.

Nr. pagini: 382
ISBN 978-973-611-698-8
Format 165x235 mm
Anul aparitiei 2012

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