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A Poetics Of The Fragment


A Poetics Of The Fragment
Andreea Tereza NITISOR
Stiinte umaniste - Litere
Editura Institutul European
Prefažator CUTITARU, Codrin Liviu

Despre o poetica a fragmentului s-a scris, cel mai adesea, fie fragmentar, fie restrans (la o anumita epoca, o ideologie, dintr-o anume perspectiva). Tentativele de definire si sistematizare par a fi fost mereu sub vraja lacunarului, ca si cum magia fragmentului ar fi contaminat subversiv si discursul critico-teoretic, metamorfozandu-l in metafragment . A significant contribution in its field, A Poetics of the Fragment is premised on the notion of the fragment as a paradox: to some it was the only form of engulfing totality/wholeness, while to others it always implied a form of insufficiency. In an elaborate and erudite exposition, Tercza Niji§or shows how, in the course of time» the fragment has come to be construed either as "ruin" or as "project" of the literary or philosophical work. Regardless of the aesthetic- historical view of the fragment, what emerged as an indisputable truth for both those who rendered it as destructive and those who held it as summum bonum, was that the meaning of the whole always derived from the meaning of the individual fragments (which ultimately made up that "whole"). The author seems to adhere, albeit phenomenologically, to the idea of artistic vitality of the fragment even though she adroitly peruses all strands of opinion. One development of this critical survey is a double taxonomy of the fragment ("descriptive" and "functional"), which she proposes in an effort to set the foundation for a more rigorous theory of the fragment. In addition, she offers her own analysis of several works by influential writers, drawing some original conclusions, the most significant being in the cases of Coleridge, Sterne, Woolf, and Faulkner.

Nr. pagini: 312
ISBN 978-973-611-621-7
Format 140x190 mm
Anul aparitiei 2013

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